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Fifa victim of a scam network based in England/SMS and letters fraudulent means to trap millions of users /THE UK NATIONAL LOTTERY, EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY scam behind




Fifa victim of a scam network based in England
SMS and letters fraudulent means to trap millions of users


Report by salah mokhtari
Maria.mokhtar @ yahoo.fr

In 2008 we carry out an investigation into a network of African scams under "networks online scams" that uses the Internet as a way to earn easy money by sending letters in which it trove of aid applications for Transfer million as an example the letter Ibrahim Coulibaly of the Republic of Ivory Coast who says "I am the daughter of Late Chief Sgt. Ibrahim Coulibaly (IB a.k.a general). My late father was a famous military leader Ivory Coast .... I am looking for long term relationship and investment. My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of $ 14.3 million in Bank Of Africa here in Burkina Faso with my name. I had contacted the Bank to clear the deposit but the Branch Manager told me that being an instruction to place the funds that I have to make a stranger ... It is my intention to compensate you with 30% of total funds for your assistance "
by his words that have thousands of users fall into the traps of dollars in Africa. repliest in the services as the securit Algerian gendarmerie and the safety have caught several national African were related networks, which demand their victims their personal references, they more shipments of forgery bank has their names displayed with the money in millions of dollars, a document was sent to us has our name with $ 8 million.
A ruse to facilitate the operation of fraud by asking his victims sending sums of money ranging from 100 to 500 thousand dollars. in our case, the network has asked 300,000 CFA0

Fifa victim of a scam network based in England

Through the internship, there are not that active African networks. Else they are across Europe, using the LOTTERY as a method to replace the money to subscribers and other yahoo.
In this contest we received a few days ago two emails from a company called THE NATIONAL LOTTERY UK and EURO MILLION PROMOTION Loter, both based to England, in the case of the first she informs us that "You have been selected as a winner in a random drawing World Wide Web computerized system, extracted from over 100 000} {000 companies and e-mail addresses worldwide. Lottery program aims to promote Brazil 2014 football World Cup in June 2014. "Adding that" you have been approved a lottery jackpot lump sum award of £ 1,000,000.00 {win a million pounds in prize} in cash credited to file Ref. No: UKNL/826374401/15. This is the total price of £ 18,000,000.00 {Eighteen million pounds} shared between eighteen overseas lucky winners in this category within the UK National Lottery Promotions FIFA international program for year 2013, "according to the letter of the English firm of fraud to claim this money he asks us to contact" our prices Claims Manager Larry Williams for the processing of your winning price and payment to your account designated bank after all statutory obligations have been concluded satisfactorily. '
Contact this subject Fifa has denied his department media traves any relationship with THE NATIONAL LOTTERY UK confirming that "this correspondence that has no connection with the authorization of FIFA and should be considered a scam .... FIFA is aware and continue to be alerted to e-mail, SMS, and fraudulent letters claiming to be associated with FIFA or one of FIFA events, informing recipients that they have between others were chosen as winners in a random drawing, or inviting them to enter into commercial transactions. "
Adding that "Many of these e-mails or letters appear to be using official trademarks held by FIFA, the signature of the members of FIFA or FIFA ranking officials and fake e-mail accounts, and try to persuade the receiver to submit personal information (including bank account information) or even a portion of the money as initial payment to release / claim a prize. ".
In an inter val of 3 days we received a second email from another British firm called Lottery EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY PROMOTION, informing us that "the just concluded final draws Monthly Promotion Euro Millions Lottery online and your email was among the 20 lucky winners who won 2,100,000.00 euros (2.1 million euros) each on the Euro Millions Lottery Online Promotion dated Wednesday, 23 January 2013. "According to the letter NOTIFICATION This lottery program was duly approved by the UK National Lottery and also licensed by the International Association of Regulators of Gaming (IAGR).
we enter the lottery games of this by contacting Mr. Leigh Ellis, it did not give any confirmation about this jackpot of 2,100,000 euros, having learned of our profession as a journalist. the Scam Euro million e-mail comes from the Internet as a "procedure by crooks ... they tell you that you have won a huge gain and must pay a fee in order to receive it. An official lottery never asks fee .. '
In 2002, the secret services of the United States believe that this type of scam reports hundreds of millions of dollars per year and that the authors constantly increasing;
In a variant, the scammer claims to speak on behalf of an organization managing lottery games, and tells the potential victim that she was drawn, won a large sum of money and some people should contact to receive his prize. The procedure to recover the price requires the payment of various fees.

Names and addresses of firms lottery scam connection


PROMOTION Euro Millions Lottery
Number (AGK-721-8764)

THE UK NATIONAL LOTTERY Camelot UK Lotteries Limited Registered Office
  Tolpits Lane, Watford, Herts WD18 9RN, United Kingdom.
Batch Ref No: WDIOC/0032/11UK
File Ref No: UKNL/826374401/15

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